My Agendas - 5 🔑s

How we will bring YU back to top 50


1. Alumni Network

Goal: Create a comprehensive alumni network where YU provides continued support to graduates and our alumni return to guide and network with current students

How we will accomplish it:

  • Organize a team of personable individuals with the sole goal of re-establishing relationships with our alumni. Phone calls only, emails blasts are ineffective! We will pull out the list of every single alumni from the past 10 years, give them a call and find out what they are doing in life. Are they looking for a new job? Looking for a recommendation? How can we help them so they are happy to help out students.

  • The first time an alumni hears from us should not be for a fundraiser. Real relationships need to be cultivated before asking for a dollar.

  • Exclusive alumni events. We will invite alumni from different years, for example, a cocktail event with the class of 2020 and class of 2000. The younger alumni have the opportunity to gain mentors or a job and the older alumni can seek new, youthful talent.

  • This agenda is #1 because a robust alumni network will provide tremendous benefit in all areas of the University, ranging from career opportunities, mentorship, fundraising and more. 

2. Career Center

Goal: Build a Career Center that places students in prime position for their dream job. We will guide students through each step of the job searching process.

How will we accomplish it:

  • Organize networking events for students to gain exposure to recruiters and employers early on. We must utilize our location in NYC to gain exclusive tours of companies and corporations located downtown. As a member of the Deans Cohort Committee, we organized tours of the Deloitte office for the honors students. I will help in organizing networking events for all students at the University. 

  • Develop strong relationships with employers. There are so many industries we can tap into that our students are interested in aside from accounting and finance. Start-ups, smaller companies in NYC, alumni owned companies should be included in our career fair. 

  • The career center needs to take the initiative and bring students into the office. While a student, I heard (in-person) from the career fair once. We need to show and inform the students of the opportunity and help waiting for them.

  • Tie-in alumni community. Connect students with successful alumni in their industry of interest. Having a contact at a company prior to an interview makes all of the difference.

  • Ensure that the Career Center has the resources they need to accomplish the goals above. We need to invest in our career center.

3. YU & Stern Connection

Goal: Bridge the gap between YU and Stern. With the creation of modern lounges and fun, trendy events, students will finally have the opportunity to make friends and network with both campuses.

How we will accomplish it:

  • Organize modern, trendy events  located at beautiful rooftops overlooking the NYC skyline or in landmark locations such as Central Park. The traditional events in the YU gym are not an effective tool in creating friendships and relationships between campuses because the majority of Stern woman do not attend the event. 

  • Build a sleek lounge on both campuses containing ping pong, pool tables, accent lighting and lounge chairs where students can meet in a relaxed environment.

  • Graduation "after-party" is essential. Families from all over the world congregate in one place - we need to take advantage of this opportunity and create an event where students  and parents can bolster the relationships they made over the four years.

  • As part of my candidacy, I am committing to spending one day of every week at the Stern campus. Their needs are just as important as the Wilf students. 

4. Curriculum

Goal: Create a Curriculum and Services that will enhance and enrich the experience of our students.

How we will accomplish it:

  • Provide Professors with the technological resources to modernize their courses. We will focus on courses and Professors that provide real life skills.

  • Build a Start-up Accelerator where a student's ambition will be bolstered with seed funding and mentorship from successful entrepreneurs. By the way, this agenda has been discussed among the Deans of Sy Syms since 2015. Let's get it done.

  • PROFESSOR EVALUATION PLATFORM. We need to create an online portal where students input their evaluations anonymously and all evaluations are posted on the platform for future students to read. NYU Law uses this method and it creates an environment of transparency and accountability.  

  • Real estate is a hot industry for YU alumni. We will create a real estate major, similar to Schack school of business, where students can immerse themselves in the many dimensions of real estate. 

  • ADVISORS - we need more advisors so that students can get an appointment with ease. When I was at YU, I waited hours for an appointment at times. Especially at Stern, we will provide a full-time student advisor. 

  • We will develop a personalized class portal where students can track their requirements, credit amount and  classes that will fulfill their requirements. 

  • One of my many focuses is to keep students on their graduation path. This includes providing required courses in both semesters (Fall and Spring). Students that return from their time in Israel are sometimes forced to stay an extra semester for a single course.

5. Culture

Goal: Spark a newfound sense of excitement about the University and administration.

How will we accomplish it:

  • Create a continuous flow of communication between the administration and students.

  • Allow for transparency within the administration. When we involve students on all decisions, they will feel excited and committed to our mission.

  • Reinstate the Senate at Yeshiva University. In the 90's, YU had a Senate consisting of students, Professors and administrators that dealt directly with the University executives. Through the Senate, the entire community of YU will have a voice.


I will donate my entire first year's salary to implement the five keys


I have a feeling students will like the agenda list

Why? Because it is THEIR agenda list. This entire page is curated from hundreds of hours of conversations I had with students who want to unlock the explosive potential of the University.