About Myself

My name is Mordechai Weiss and I am a 3rd generation alumnus from Yeshiva University. I graduated in 2018 from the Sy Syms Honors Program and as Valedictorian of the James Striar School. While in YU, I was extremely active in student life and finding ways to improve student opportunity. I frequently met with various departments in the University including the fundraising committee, accreditation commission, admissions office and the Deans of Sy Syms. I attracted high profile donors to our campus as founder of the entrepreneurship club. I did everything and anything to help YU move forward during my four years. 

While juggling a dual-curriculum, I launched my own start-up called LIT. As the founder, I was responsible for every aspect of the business - securing $100K in seed capital, managing a team of 10 employees and 100 campus ambassadors, organizing multiple events for 700+ attendees, developing a digital marketing campaign and overseeing all legal activities. My experience as founder of a company provided me with the fundamental operational skills that are required for the serious and important position of Vice President.

After I graduated, I pursued law (make the parents proud) and attended NYU School of Law, where I am finishing my last year. This past summer, I worked as a summer associate at Gibson Dunn, a premier law firm with the #1 litigation group and #2 real estate group in the globe. My experience at NYU Law and Gibson Dunn showed me the incredible feats that can be accomplished with a unified vision and excitement among the community. 

My entire family consists of Yeshiva University graduates - my grandparents, aunt and two siblings all graduated and I followed their foot-steps. The University is an integral part of my family and history which is why I am so driven to help improving and maintaining its excellence. 

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What motivates me...

When I arrived on campus in 2014, we were ranked #47 by U.S. News & World Report. Today, we are ranked #97, a drop of 50 rankings.

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My age is my biggest asset. YU needs to attract and appeal to the younger generation and I will do exactly that.