My goal is to become Vice President of  Yeshiva University

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About Myself

NYU School of Law '21

Yeshiva University '18

Hi, my name is Mordechai Weiss. I am a third generation alumnus of Yeshiva University who is inspired by the potential of YU and what can be accomplished with a creative and bold vision. 

Read my full story and why I am motivated and equipped for the Vice President position at Yeshiva University.

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My Agendas - 5 🔑s

How we will bring YU back to top 50


1. Alumni Network

Create a comprehensive alumni network where YU provides continued support to graduates and our alumni return to guide and network with current students

2. Career Center

Build a Career Center that places students in prime position for their dream job. We will guide students through each step of the job searching process.

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3. YU X Stern Connection

We will bridge the gap between YU and Stern. With the creation of modern lounges and fun, trendy events, students will finally have the opportunity to make friends and network with both campuses.

4. Curriculum

Redirect our focus to experiential learning, ensuring our graduates are prepared for the first day on the job or in graduate school. We will focus on courses and Professors that provide real life skills.

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5. Culture

Spark a newfound sense of excitement about the University and administration. I will create transparency on all of my decisions and listen to student's feedback. My message will resonate with the present and former students since it is with their voice that I speak.


I will donate my entire first year's salary to implement the 5 keys


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